Sunday, March 22, 2009

Death becomes her (New York, 2004)

...and as you walk by, I smell the perfume of your recently bathed body... teasing my senses, driving me crazy, making me want you more and more... you know this, you loved teasing me... You make me remember the first day you glanced at me, you had to stalk me... following every step I took, tasting every moment of laughter, knowing I was already yours... you waited for the right moment...

And now, I'm laying here, in this bed, the bed where I shared many moments with you... were we played with ourselves, devouring the flesh of solitude in a second, a second that now becomes an eternity... waiting for you, here I am... why do you look at me like that? You realize I’m seconds from being yours... aren't you delighted; all of a sudden you pity me? You realize my life is too important now... too late... my blood flows out of my body, now my veins are no longer one long river as the Euphrates nor the Nile... How amazing, death, who stalked me, who wanted me so badly, looks into my eyes begging me to survive, to keep struggling until the ambulance arrives... Just realizing it’s not my time..., I Looked at death, straight into her eyes, and I kissed her, caressing her cheeks...saying goodbye... begging her to drive me to my new home... to condemn my soul for eternity to reunite with myself, as I’ve been dead before death noticed...

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